Relax     Refresh    Recharge
The Cocoon Wellness Pro Pod is a brand new personalized total body, dual wave vibration massage and dual heat system for ultimate relaxation, fitness benefits  and recharging power naps. 
Benefits of Wellness Pod

  • Ultimate Relaxation
  • Power Naps & Better Sleep
  • Burn Calories
  • Accelerate Peak Recovery
  • Relieve and Soothe Muscle Pain
  • Revive Energy
  • Weight Management
  • Look & Feel Great
Cocoon Wellness Pod Pro
At the heart of the Cocoon Wellness Pro is a dynamic dual-heat system that lets you precisely choose your ideal body temperature for maximum comfort and results.  Infrared warms the body from the inside for deep muscle relaxation,  while the dry heat air brings relief from tension & stress for better restorative sleep.

The Cocoon Wellness Pro POD features a cushioned ergonomic bed that lets you comfortably lay back, close your eyes and enjoy a relaxing, full-body massage in a soothing & warm environment.  With a pure himalayan salt and essential oil breeze, you can adjust the dual wave vibration massage system to relax, relieve and soothe the back and shoulders, or focus your massage to the buttocks, hips and legs with synchronized dual vibration waves of ultimate relaxation.